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Are you eligible for benefits through MVAIC?

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Official requirements for MVAIC benefits;

  • You were involved in a motor vehicle accident in New York.
  • You were a resident of New York when the motor vehicle accident occurred.  Under special circumstances, residents of other states may be eligible for MVAIC benefits.  If you were not a resident of New York when the accident occurred and have questions pertaining to eligibility, please contact us by phone at (646)205-7800, or via email at
  • You have no other automobile insurance available to you. If you or any of your household relatives own an insured motor vehicle, you will be required to file a claim with that insurance company to see if you are covered under that policy for benefits.
  • You were NOT the owner of the uninsured vehicle that was involved in the accident.
  • You were NOT the spouse of the uninsured vehicle’s owner, and a passenger in that uninsured vehicle.

Additionally, there are timeframe requirements that must be adhered to.  If these timeframes are not met, your eligibility could be affected...

  • The motor vehicle accident must be reported to the Police (Peace Officer) within 24 hours of the accident occurring.
  • A Notice of Intention (NOI) is submitted to MVAIC within 90 days of the accident, if the accident was with a Hit & Run or unidentified motor vehicle.
  • A Notice of Intention (NOI) is submitted to MVAIC within 180 days of the accident, if the accident was with an identified motor vehicle. 

The requirements above are set forth in Article 52 of the New York Insurance Law.

All claims submitted to MVAIC are reviewed for eligibility.  If you have any questions, please contact us by phone at (646) 205-7800, or via email at